Neopsy kick – artificial kick drum generator VST plugin (VSTi for Win)

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Eplex7 DSP Neopsy kick – artificial kick drum generator VST plugin synthesizer

Kick and Bass should be fine-tuned together in correct frequency and phase, otherwise they may create problems in mix (or cause significant problems at big PA systems in clubs or festivals).

Mainly psytrance / techno / hitech / darkpsy / trance kicks should be tuned together with bassline. You can create your own bass, but with kick samples it is often problem to pair them with bass.

That is why we created Neopsy Kick – artificial kick drum generator VST plugin!

Neopsy Kick is not just basic kick drum generator, it is sophisticated synthesizer with many novel functions, oscillator with more than 20 classic and unique waveforms / algorithms, multistage envelopes with precise control and exponentional curves, special sound shaping circuits and algorithms like wx sound shaper, sat shaping algorithm or analog treble circuit, 9 digital and analog type filters and more.

Neopsy Kick synthesizer is perfect for creating kicks in many electronic music styles like Psytrance, Techno, Hardcore, Trap, Rave, Schranz / Hardtechno, Tekno / Hitech / High-tech, Darkpsy, Psycore, Trance, Progressive, Tech house, Minimal, Deep house, Electro house and many others.


from independent producers

I’ve had this for a while. Very nice kicks. Lots of waveforms and editability.”

(analog, Eplex7 customer, Gearspace member)

„I have tried many kick plugins on the market, but this is the best sounding kick plugin out there imo.”

(Happy Hardcore TV, wrote at YouTube)




Kick drum generator / oscillator with 20 waveforms (sine, distro sinus, distro sinus 2, clipped sinus, clipped sinus 2, hard shpd sinus, overdrv sinus, shaped sinus, hardcore kick, vintage sinus, noised sinus, electric sinus, wshpd sin 1, wshpd sin 2, wshpd sin 3, wshpd sin 4, wshpd sin 5, algrthm sin1, algrthm sin2, square)
with oscillator frequency and phase control

Precise Oscillator pitch envelope to modulate kick tone in time – showing seconds/milliseconds possibility to create exponential shapes. Possibility to create up to 16 sections/points! (click right mouse button) sustain and retrigger/on off option, Polarity: Possitive, Negative, Bi-polar.
+ pitch envelope knob control

WX sound shaper to with controls: WX Squared, WX3 Cubed, WX shaping amount and sound normalization

Precise Amplitude envelope to modulate kick drum envelope volume – showing seconds / milliseconds possibility to create exponential shapes. Possibility to create up to 16 sections/points! (click right mouse button) sustain and retrigger / on off option, Polarity: Possitive, Negative, Bi-polar.
+ pitch envelope knob control

DSP Multifilter with classic digital and analog simulated filters (Low Pass, Analog 12db LP, Analog 24db LP, Dirty analog LP, Liquid LP, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject,Peaking) Cutoff and Resonance knob + On / Off knob

Satshaping algorithm: Satshaping, level, satshaping amount, Sat Dry / Wet

Osc. Output volume – controls volume output from kick drum generator = more volume = warmer and more saturated sound if wx sound shaper and satshaping algorithms are turned on.

Analog treble circuit to add trebles and unique click to kicks, with frequency control, filter q, saturation and saturation level + on / off

Preset manager with 113 presets: Psytrance kicks, Fullon kicks, Progressive kicks, Darkpsy / Forest psy kicks, Goatrance kicks, Techno kics, Detroit electro kicks, Berlin techno kicks, Hitech / Hightech kicks,  Psycore kicks, Trance kicks, Deep house kicks, Experimental kicks, Schranz kicks, Hardtechno kicks, Hardcore / Gabber kicks, Tekno kicks and more



Download 32-bit demo of Neopsy kick drum plugin
Download 64-bit demo of Neopsy kick drum plugin
Click here to download Windows VST3 demo version of Neopsy kick

Eplex7 Neopsy kick kick drum synthesizer



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