Endless sound possibilities and innovation in electronic music production

Progress in electronic music never ends… Listen to modern music from 1950 to 2020 and you will hear constant progress, new sound, innovations.

21st Century is golden age. Digital sound processing offer endless possibilities and sound innovations.

Most of VST plug-ins developers are producing only basic effects and instruments and recycling old algorithms.
We believe that main goal of modern developers should be research, not recycling of old ideas – bring new technologies, algorithms, ideas and move sound of modern electronic music to new unknown levels.

Eplex7 is new company established by experienced developer from Europe which was working more than 10 years in DSP / audio market and wanted to bring something unique to music scene.

Software piracy, progress and visions

We believe in your progressive thinking. We are sure you will appreciate modern yet sometimes avant-garde sound of our products, as well as your listeners will like your modern futuristic music. If so, we kindly ask you to support our work by using legal version of our products instead of cracks / pirated versions. By this you can help us to survive in this highly pirated market, you will protect our hard work, next research and patents. You will support progress in modern music technology. It doesn’t matter if music is your work or hobby. You are too not stealing digital camera or computer in shop only because it is for hobby use. We are small, but experienced company with lot of ideas and vision. Let them grow together and create significant progress in music scene.

Thank you!

Have a good time and a lot of success when producing music with our software plug-ins.