Psytrance EFX Pro plug-in instrument (Win/Mac)

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Plug-in instrument for MAC & Windows / VSTi / AU / Mac VST, x32 / x64bit

    x32 bit VSTi

     x64 bit VSTi

     VST3 for Mac

     Audio Unit

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Eplex7 DSP Psytrance EFX Pro instrument VSTi / AU plug-in

– is plug-in instrument for MAC & Windows / VSTi / AU / Mac VST, x32 / x64bit. The plug-in is designed for Psytrance, Darkpsy, Hitech, Psycore, Progressive,  Goatrance, Fullon psytrance producers, but can be used in all dance electronic styles like Uplifting Trance, Edm, Tech House, Techno, Synthwave, EBM, Industrial, Witch house, Drum & Bass, Film music, Sci-fi music, Video Game music, Ambient, Experimental and more. Psytrance EFX Pro – psytrance plug-in instrument video preview:


Psytrance / Fullon / Psychedelic / Progressive

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Psytrance EFX Pro – psytrance plug-in instrument

– is modern plug-in instrument for MAC & Windows / VSTi / AU / Mac VST, x32/x64bit and include multi-octaved / multi-sampled sounds, waveforms and synths which sounds perfect in wide range of tones / octaves.
Many of internal sounds were generated by special innovative synthesis techniques, unique post processing (with used our own unreleased plug-in prototypes) and digital/hardware synthesizers.

All sounds can be modified by internal parameters like LFO rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation. Low pass / High pass filter with cutoff, Reverb/Space, Amplitude envelope, Pan. You can play in various modes: polyphonic, Monophonic or Legato with Glide function.

Psytrance EFX includes wide range of psychedelic sounds: psytrance uplifters / downlifters, psytrance bombs / explosions, speaking synthesizers, spirals, twisters, mysterious drones, psychedelic pads, evolving wavetable leads, acid sounds, sharp acid leads, intro / outro effects, mysterious shamanic drums / hits, blips, psytrance lasers, glitch sounds, trippy fm synths, sci-fi fx and much more.


Huge library of 128 multioctaved/multisampled sounds, fx, soundcapes, waveforms and synthesizers (1,4 Gigabyte)

Plug-in INSTRUMENT for MAC & Windows / VSTi 2.0 & 3.0 / AU / Mac VST, x32 / x64bit
– Low pass / High Pass filter with cutoff
– High quality sound engine, disk streaming technology (saving RAM memory and very low CPU consumption)
– LFO with rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation
– Fast preset / sounds browser with menu / arrows- Reverb/Space
– Glide function (Legato mode), Mono mode and Polyphonic mode
– Pan knob
– Amplitude envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
– Velocity mode selector

List of multi-octave / multi sample instruments (1,4 GB Library – 128 instruments):


Dark psy / Hitech / Psycore / Fullon


    x32 bit VSTi
     x64 bit VSTi
     VST3 for Mac

     Audio Unit

Download VSTi x32 / x64 bit (Win) or Audio unit AU / VST FOR APPLE MAC OSX FREE DEMO.

You can expand Psytrance EFX Pro and load small instruments / banks into this psytrance plug-in instrument.

Videos from independent producers

Producer Demis Hellen made honest review of Psytrance EFX Pro.


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MAC & Windows, x32 / x64bit

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