Particle Collider SX7 synthesizer (VSTi for Win)

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Formats: Windows VST, 32-bit, 64-bit

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Eplex7 DSP Particle Collider SX7 – Hybrid experimental fx synthesizer


Do you like to watch sci-fi movies or see futuristic predictions of new technologies? Problem of these things is… they are just fictional. But if you really want you can hear the sound of new century now! We are not joking. Watch the video of Particle Collider SX7 hybrid experimental fx synthesizer.

One futuristic wavetable oscillator with possibility to loading external waveforms, One re-synthesisator, Special morpher engine with filters, Glitch X Buffer, Time-tunnel effect and something more… How does this combination sounds like? Like a future!


Particle Collider SX7 is special FX and Experimental synthesizer for creating modern sci-fi FX sounds, Atmospheric pads, Robotic sounds, Psytrance and Psychedelic FXs, Sweeps. Particle Collider SX7 is very useful for all music styles that need modern FX sounds and atmospheres. You can use it for psytrance / psycore / hi-tech / film music / video game music, sound design / experimental, dark, industrial music or all EDM styles like trance, dnb, techno etc.


Wavetable Oscillator with 50 internal waveforms (+ possibility to load external waveforms, every customer will receive next 50 waveforms after purchase, + you will get next waveforms when released, free of charge)

Oscillator / Resynthesizer waveforms:

– Arc, Blibser, Boomy, Brain, Deep down, Distortion, Electricity, Fluoro bear, Galatrins, Grather, Gumi, Heliolperidol, Hightron, Hwistler, HXtox, Hyperspace, Jakal, Kremor, Light, Mechanospace, Mechanotron, Mechatron, Monsta, Monsterdog, Mysth, Neurobirdz, Neurorchestral, New age, Poison, Reser, Robotic dogz, Sakraltrapla, Sewer monsta, Shocks, Shronx, Shutter, Siks, Solar natives pad, Space, Spirals, Strombps, Synthetic, Teleport, Teriantial, Terra, Tetraklis, Timegate, Trilion, Trotla, Turbellion pad, UFO laser, UFO, Vibrations, Water monstas, Xplo

– 1X Re-Synthesisator of Wavetable oscillator. With 5 types of re-synthesis (Sinusoidal, Pulsing, Discharge, Switching, Digital chaos), with Original / Res, Res rate, Res amount, Resynth freq control.

– 1X Special Morpher with 5 morphing modes (Morphing, Engine Jet, Robotic vocoder, Heavy dog, Digital monstah) with Pitch dist, Frequency, Start / Stop control + Morphing filter (Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, Peaking) witch Cutoff, Resonance and Distortion control

– Dry/Wet control of Morph / Original sound

– Glitch X-Buffer: special module to disassemble sound into various parts / glitches, with Controls BFR size, RAM, Buffer rate and Dry/Wet knob to choose between affected and unaffected sound

–  Main multimode analog and digital filter (HW DSP LowPass, HW DSP BandPass, HW DSP HighPass, Low pass, Band pass, High pass, Notch, Peaking, Analog Low pass, LP+HP, LP+BP, Notch+BP, Analog LP+HP, None filter) witch Cutoff and Resonance control

– Filter LFO (Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, Random Noise) with Depth and Rate control

– Timetunnel effect with timetunel amount, Time tunnel and Pitcheffect control.

– Stereo delay with Delay, Feedback, Mix controls, On/Off button

– Preset manager with more than 80 presets

Possibility to load new ” *.e7w” waveform files to expand sound possibilities of SX7 resynthesizer.
Regular customers will be receiving additional e7w waveform banks via e-mail!



Particle Collider SX7 synthesizer Download win 32bit demo
Particle Collider SX7 Download win 64bit demo



from independent producers

“I’ve been using particle collider a lot on my techno productions and I ended up loving the plugin, it has a super unique and fun sound! Keep up the great work making original and innovative plugins.”

(Dynamic Phase, Eplex7 customer)

“Great idea and useful. I would definitely recommend it. well worth the money. Great job Guys keep up the good work. Chris Happy User.”

(chris ferrara, KVR member)





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– Lifetime updates!
– Access to additional bonus files and next presets automatically by e-mail when released
– Possibility to LOAD NEW waveforms!
– We will send you download link to next 50 waveforms that you can import / load into Particle Collider SX7 after purchase (much wider sound possibilities)
– You will receive next e-mail download links for next waveforms, when released. (Life-time)
– Full version without any restrictions, with special wishes and registered to your name

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