Aelexis aural vocoding futuristic synthesizer effect (VST for Win)

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Formats: Windows VST, 32-bit

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Eplex7 DSP Aelexis aural vocoding futuristic synthesizer VST effect

This is Nu Age futuristic aural vocoding synthesizer VST effect. Aelexis is aimed to transforming basic sounds, instruments and beats into unearthly sounding, dreamy, angelic soundscapes, pads and atmospheres. Just add any input sound to your mixer track channel, put Aelexis effect and hear magic transformation of sound in real time.


The usage of Aelexis in ambient, glitch, chillstep, liquid, psytrance music

Aelexis is perfect for creating futuristic beats, soundscapes / pads / atmospheres and FXs. It was created for use in music styles like: ambient, chillstep, liquid dnb, deep house, film music, experimental music, FX creation, video game music as well as spiritual music, glitch, atmospheric deep drum and bass, tech house, progressive trance / psytrance, chillout, psychillout, trap, dubstep and many other futuristic music styles. Aelexis consists of 2 generators, Re-Oscillator 1 and 2 with selectable frequency, attack and release knobs to set Aelexi’s reaction to input audio, mix knob to mix between re-oscillator 1 and 2, filter 1+2+3 to filter sound of reoscillators. Dry/wet knob and Output volume knob.

Aelexis synthesizer VST effect usage in various music styles

How to use it?


– put it on any channel in your mixer (beat, vocal, synth, pad, guitar)

– use it to manipulate sound of any FX sounds coming from synthesizer or sampler, simply insert it on mixer track of FX instrument

Aelexis plug-in re oscillator 2     Aelexis plug-in re oscillator 1



2 generators

– Re-Oscillator 1 and 2 with selectable frequency and following waveforms:

– angelic analog mechanic kraftship land of glass hainberg terrraflame citadela crystal entity ocean skyland violax tekflow bio

– attack and release knobs to set Aelexise’s reaction to input audio,

– mix knob to mix between re-oscillator 1 and 2,

– filter 1+2+3 to filter sound of re-oscillators.

– Dry/wet knob and Output volume knob – Preset manager with 12 example presets



Alexis usage in liquid drum and bass / chillstep /ambient music

Aelexis plug-in waveforms



Click here to download demo version of Aelexis

Windows 32-bit FREE DEMO (64 bit update will be released soon)




from music producers

“Thanks for this plugin. Aelexis is very interesting effect to modify sounds!”

(Angelo A Furlan – Eplex7 customer)




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Windows: VST (x32 bit) – for Ableton Live, FL studio and other DAWs

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