Analog Bass Unit N4 – EDM bassline synthesizer (VSTi for Win)

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Eplex7 DSP Analog Bass Unit N4 – EDM bassline synthesizer


How to use Analog Bass Unit N4 synth – walkthrough preview

Video by: Colorful Tones Studio – Mixing and mastering engineer
“The Analog Bass Unit N4 is a fat and warm bassline synthesizer which is great for creating loud and significant basses that cuts through the mix. Due to the numerous setting options, each sound can be easily tweaked the way you want it. The Bass Unit N4 is suitable for nearly any electronic music genre and also full of great presets.”


Analog bass Unit N4 synthesizer usage in various music styles



Why psytrance / hitech bass should be made with specialized digital synths? + TEST and video previews! (click here)


Real analog synthesizers usually have fat, heavy, massive, warm and juicy bass sound. The sound that is cutting through mix – it is loud and significant. You usually need just 2-3 analog synths and song sounds full, heavy and professional.

But these analog synths are not stable. You cannot use them for fast EDM baselines, because they are clicking, blipsing, automatically detuning, creating noise, artifacts and many other disturbing elements.

Good example is fast psytrance bassline. If you use classic hardware analog synth, it will be full of clicks, blips, noises, constant de-tuning and instability.

But digital synthesizers or chip based hardware synths usually have cold, boring sound, missing fattens and warmth of their big analog brothers.

Some most expensive hardware analog synths have digital stabilized oscillators. This is the way how to make fast EDM baselines stable. But they are very expensive.
So we bought one bass analog synth. We analyzed it, dismantled it etc. in order
to emulate warm analog synthesis in computer.

Our team has education in electronic engineering. While it was relatively difficult long term task we developed our own
analog circuit emulation technology.

The difference between analog and digital synths is, that in analog synthesizer all sounds are produced by combination of electronic components as resistors, capacitors and transistors etc.
In digital synths (hardware or software digi synths) the analogue synthesis is emulated by computer – simple digital numbers.

Analog sound emulation technology knobs on Analog Bass Unit N4 plug-in

Why analog has fat nice warm sound and digital not?

Because analog components produce always different electric values. They act always little bit different. There is some kind of noise, saturation, instability, interference in every module / part of analog synth.

For example oscillator in digital synth is always the same waveform. In analog synth oscillator is changing its tone, its shape, its phase, etc… The changes are very small but they make natural analog sound. In every module is a little bit of noise, saturation, interference caused by warming of electronic circuits.

Analog filter changes his sound and behavior based on volume level of input signal. At some levels it starts to saturating / creating pleasant distortion. While digital envelope is absolutely linear, the shape of analog envelope is always exponential (rounded). The signal is usually saturated / rounded / de-stabilized in every part of circuit of analog synth.

So, what is Eplex7 DSP Analog circuit emulation technology?

Firstly, we split code (scheme) of whole synthesizer into individual virtual modules with own inputs and outputs. Every module act similar like circuit of analog synth. We applied all analog instability emulation to every module where oscillators have analog shape with higher harmonics. Oscillators are constantly detuning. They have analog noise and phase instability. The filter has its own amplifier producing next analog low level noise as well as analog saturation and interference caused by warming of its circuits.
Envelopes have their own instability, exponential shape, interference and analog noise. The envelope is not modulating amp or filter with simple linear signal. This signal has its own virtual analog interference included in modulation signal (noise, hiss, analog artifacts).

You can also shape output sound of Analog Bass Unit N4. It is possible with “Analog sound properties” panel where you see parameters: Warmth, Circuit drive, FATness, Analog hiss of all system, Electronic Interference, Circuit temperature and High frequency color…

How close is our analog circuit module modeling technology to real analog?

Judge for yourself – try demo version or listen to demosongs and videos.

The combination of various digital and realistic analog oscillators (with on/off digital stabilization) with true sounding analog filter and warm saturation and furthermore with precisely modeled all aspects of analog synthesis as circuit temperature noise, de-stabilization of analog components etc. makes this bassline synthesizer ideal for creating of following electronic music:
Psytrance, Hi-Tech, DarkPsy, Full on psytrance, Uplifting trance, Electro clash, Electro house, Deep House, Funky music, Hip hop, Electronic body music EBM, Disco, Dance / EDM, Minimal techno, Progressive, Tech house, Proggy trance and more…

Analog Bass Unit N4 synthesizer oscillator waveforms


– Two analog modeled oscillators also with additional digital waveforms (analog waveforms with higher harmonics, analog noise, detuning, phasing, instability and circuit warming artifacts) with following shapes: Analog Saw 1, Analog Saw 2, Analog Saw 3, Digital Saw 1 (exp.), Digital Saw 2, Digital Saw 3, Digital Ramp 1, Digital Ramp 2 (exp), Analog Square 1, Analog Square 2, Digital Square 1, Digital Square 2, Sine, Triangle, Noise

– digital stabilization of analog oscillators switch

– Osc 1 + 2 analog style saturation knob

– Exponential analog style VCA amplitude envelope (exponential shape, modulating signal with analog interference, noise, artifacts)

– VCF filter digitally stabilized envelope (to avoid clicking and instability with fast basslines)

– VCF Analog Low Pass Filter with Saturation knob (Analog filter with true analog liquid tone, circuit interferences, distortion based on input level)

– Panel for setting analog sound properties: Warmth knob, Circuit drive knob , FATness! Knob, Analog hiss knob for setting up hiss level of all system, Electronic Interference level knob, Circuit temperature level knob, High frequency color knobs…

Preset manager with total 118 presets

– 38 EDM (Electronic dance music) bassline presets for house, trance, deep house, tech-trance, electro house, electro, ebm, and all dance music styles with 4/4 beat

55 Psy bassline presets for psytrance, darkpsy, hitech psytrance, psycore, goa trance

25 Classic long basses – for pop, hip hop, break beat, as subbas in drum and bass / jungle, etc.



Randy Seidman trance producer testimonial on Eplex7 Analog Bass Unit N4 synthesizer

Randy Seidman

since 2007, Randy has been the top support choice of trance megastars Infected Mushroom, playing over 600 shows with them around the world.

(Bonzai records, Magik Muzik, Intricate, Outta Limits, Witty Tunes, Revolt Music, Nueva Digital, Sine, Spring Tube, Easy Summer, Trance artist, California)
“I love the skin and I think the plug-in is a great launching point for ideas. This bad boy makes some nasty sounds, great for other genres besides Psy too, such as Techno.”


Video review from music producer



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