Why psytrance / hitech bass should be made with specialized digital synths? How to make psytrance bass? TEST and video previews!

Firstly listen to correct, classic psytrance and hitech basslines: they are stable and balanced, no clicks, phase or envelope issues:

And now listen WRONG psytrance basslines made with various subtractive synthesis VA synths, digital synths and virtual (emulated) analog vst synths:

They are unstable, creates clicking, phase issues, envelope is slow and create problems with kick tail, clicking:

Extreme clicking caused by slow and long exponential “analog” envelopes (next note is playing while previous note´s envelope is still releasing) internal instability (simulating analog behavior) emulating of analog oscillator phase etc.

Wrong psy bass: can you hear that bass is not just clicking but it is unstable? changing its toning, phase etc?

These are example why many VSTs, Virtual analog / Analog emulations are NOT good for psytrance / hitech bass – creating phase issues, clicks, instability, non-balanced sound, slow envelope / tail creates conflict with kick and previous notes etc.

Why this happens?

Because emulated analog synths are designed to simulate analog behavior, real analog synths are changing their phase in time, (also tone is changing – natural analog “quasi vibrato”, volume/velocity level is changing, saturation level is changing, envelopes are not linear but exponential and slow, real analog synth is like real organism and sound is constantly changing and evolving. For example see Klerhaim N1 Analog synthesizer this synth is perfect for leads, heavy long bassline leads, arps etc. but not for fast psytrance / hitech bass (there are many synths at the market and every is designed for different purpose, every has pros and cons, usually universal synthesizer do not exist!)

Which synth for stable, fast and precise psytrance / basslines without clicking, phase issues and instability?

For psytrance / hitech basslines it is good to use specialized synths designed for this purpose while some digital stable synths may surprise you too.

We have 2 specialized bassline synths available:

lets try for example Hitech Bass HBS1 advanced bassline synthesizer (VSTi for Win) (perfect also for darkpsy, classic psytrance, psycore etc.)

or digitally (by microcomputer) stabilized analog synth emulation Analog Bass Unit N4 – EDM bassline synthesizer (VSTi for Win)