Alien Ossarium – dark mythical plugin effect (VST for Win)

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Formats: Windows VST, VST3, 32-bit, 64-bit

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Eplex7 DSP Alien Ossarium – dark mythical plugin effect VST

Something different from other underworlds. Decompose sound into quantum particles from parallel worlds. Subsequently, combine these particles into a new metaphysical substance. Transform your ordinary beats into surreal avant-garde.

What is Alien Ossarium?

It is difficult to describe this effect in words, because there are not many similar effects on the market. At the same time, it is not an experimental cacophony and the effect can create nice ethereal, mystical, dark and sci-fi sound layers. Very musical, very mysterious.

What does it do and what is it for?

The effect is widely applicable and sounds different depending on the type of input sound. In short, based on the input sound, it creates a synthetic derivative with similar rhythms and filtering, which it rhythmically adjusts and layers with the original sound according to your requirements. Try the demo version, don’t just watch the videos, we are coders and sound processing scientists and not full-time producers.

Alien Ossarium is suitable for use with beats, percussion, synthesizers – FX sounds, surfaces, ethereal textures, pads, soundscapes, drones, leads, for experimental bass design, but you can try it with anything. It also sounds great with modular synthesizers.

However, Ossarium not only creates a layer, but also effects and modifies the input sound itself!!


It is suitable for a wide range of genres from Film Music, Experimental Music to DarkPsy, Psycore, Hitech, DarkProg, Horror, Thriller, Industrial, Nihilistic EBM, Neurofunk, Dark Riddim, Ambient, Downtempo, Dark Ambient, NuMetal, Techno, Industrial techno, Videogame music and others.

The plug-in was designed by graphic designer, artist and painter Vøn Brezekhiel.


  •  VST plug-in effect in 32 and 64 bit 
  •  Ossarinator 1 with following oscillators:

Moklyus, Alien Bones, Spiritus, Deigitus, Dungenus, Electric discharges, Gothikal, Alien metallic material, Alien particles, Alien electro temple

  • Ossarinator 2 with:

Monstrium, Spaceship, Metalurgium, Fear architecture, Prophetium, Monster speaking, Okleytarium, Atresorium, Esakralia, Soraps

  • Tone setting for each ossarinator
  • Dungeon knob (this is impossible to describe in words, , we recommend trying the demo)
  • Gates knob (this is impossible to describe in words, , we recommend trying the demo)
  • Ossarium oscillator filtering 1 Freq, Bandwidth
  • Attack / Release for setting the ossarinators rhythm
  • Roof knob (this is impossible to describe in words, , we recommend trying the demo)
  • Dry / Wet to adjust the transition between the present world and reality and darker parallel dimensions of sound
  • Preset manager with 22 presets such as: Alien bones, Deep waters, Dungeons, Eating monster, Electric discharge, Elektrons, Fear architect, High horror, Lab mouse cyborg, Noir, Rust, Spiritochondria, Tronikal, Vaza and many others…



Click here to download 32-bit demo version of Alien Ossarium
Click here to download 64-bit demo version of Alien Ossarium
Click here to download Windows VST3 demo version of Alien Ossarium



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– preset manager with 22 presets

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