Hitech snare lab – plugin instrument (Win/Mac)

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Formats: Windows VST, 64-bit, Mac VST, AU

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Eplex7 DSP Hitech Snare Lab

Hitech, Darkpsy, Tech-trance snare drum instrument plugin VSTi & AU with 225 multi octave banks!

This multi-octave banks instrument includes snares, breaks, snareclaps, resonant snares and complex.

These sounds were designed mainly for hitech, psycore, tech trance, psytrance, darkpsy, hightech can be used in breakbeat, tech house, experimental, drum and bass, techno, hard techno, electro, film music, industrial, ebm, hardcore, tekno, gabber, hard techno, trance, dubstep, riddim.

Hitech Snare Lab is modern and easy to use plug-in instrument with multi-octaved / multi-sampled sounds, instruments.
The sound quality is retained on professional level in wide range of tones / octaves from C3 to C7 or more.
All sounds can be modified by internal parameters like LFO rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation. Low pass / High pass filter with cutoff, Reverb / Space, Amplitude envelope, Pan. You can play in various modes: polyphonic, Monophonic or Legato with Glide function.


Huge library of 220+ multi-octaved / multi-sampled sounds, snares, breaks, snareclaps, resonant snares, complex

– Plug-in INSTRUMENT for MAC & Windows / VSTi 2.0 & 3.0 / AU / Mac VST, x64bit
– Low pass / High Pass filter with cutoff
– High quality sound engine, disk streaming technology (saving RAM memory and very low CPU consumption)
– LFO with rate/depth (Triangle, Sinus, Saw, Square, Exponent) with Pitch, Expression and Pan modulation
– Fast preset / sounds browser with menu / arrows
– Reverb / Space
– Glide function (Legato mode), Mono mode and Polyphonic mode
– Pan knob
– Amplitude envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
– Velocity mode selector


List of multi-octaved / multi sampled instruments
308 MB Library – 225 instruments:

Hitech snare lab instruments


Download Hitech Snare Lab DEMO version VST2 for Windows VST2 for Windows (x64-bit)
Download Hitech Snare Lab DEMO version VST3 for Windows VST3 for Windows
Download Hitech Snare Lab DEMO version VST for macOS VST for macOS
Download Hitech Snare Lab DEMO version VST3 for macOS VST3 for macOS
Download Hitech Snare Lab DEMO version Audio Unit for macOS Audio Unit for macOS

You can expand the Hitech Snare Lab with small instruments / banks to get an unlimited library of instruments.



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