Analog Modular FX sample pack – Eplex7 & Twisted Kala

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Sample pack for MAC & Windows

“It took me years to design long fade In or fade Out sounds, like drone type. They’re really useful to put a special intensity in your music, which will bring the listener in an intense state of mind. That’s why you will find a lot of them in this package….” said Twisted Kala.

This collection of samples is unique as well as modular synthesizer that was used for creating sounds. It is hand-made on DIY basis from customizable modules with using kits.

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Analog Modular FX sample pack – Eplex7 & Twisted Kala

This FULL collection contains together 154 Analog Modular FX samples!

All FX samples collection came from the cooperation between
Eplex7 team and Twisted Kala.

This package contains drones sounds (long fade In or fade Out moving on a really slow rate), experimental deep FX, Experimental deep atmospheres, psychedelic weird sounds, percussions (Kicks, Hit Hat, snares and Crashes).
A lot of samples are long, so you can use them on 4 or 8 bar:
When I started to produce electronic music, I really wanted to have some long sounds to put crazy atmospheres in a full sequence. But I was never found them. This is the reason why you find a lot of such sounds in this sample pack.

Together with previous packs vol.1 and vol.2 you will get full sound material from modular synthesizer.

These FX samples were created for all magical producers who want to give strong emotions to their listeners.

These samples were made for producers of any kind of electronic music. They’re also adapted for Trance Music, Psychedelic Music, DarkPsy, Underground Music, Dance Music, Psycore, Hardcore, Dark progressive . As there is many different types of FX, drones, atmospheres, fade out, fade In, and psychedelic short sounds or long sequences, even crazy percussions… the samples can be used also in video games.

The basis for the creation of sounds is modular synthesizer, that is from a big part made on DIY basis (do it by yourself) from customizable modules with using kits.

Analog modular synthesizer development

You will find in this package a lot of different sounds to built your track, or to put some in-edit sounds in a video or images. There is a lot of long sequences sounds to create really special atmospheres and crazy FX in your music. We’re here in a magical psychedelic world, which open some really special dimensions.

It takes a long time in the music production process to create long and nice effects and sounds. It’s easier to create short ones. It took me years to design long fade In or fade Out, like drone type. They’re really useful to put a special intensity in your music, which will bring the listener in an intense state of mind. This for why you will find a lot of them in this package.

Twisted Kala has been dealing with creating specific technique of strong effects in music for making long fade out and FX going on 2, 4 or even 8 bar for a few years. These effects have a big impact on the intensity of the track.

For this sample pack have been used:

  • Grand Terminal from (Envelope, filters and effects, stereo module
  • Milky Way from (Effects stereo module)
  • 2 even VCOs from Befaco (DIY modules)
  • Rampage in LFO mode from Befaco (DIY module)
  • BF22 filter from Befaco (DIY module)
  • KickAll from Befaco (for Kicks, game Kick, and even effects)
  • HexMix from Befaco (to equalize and record the sounds in stereo) (DIY module)
  • Peaks from Mutable Instruments in LFO and percussion modes
  • Eloquencer from Winter Modular for the clock and the sequences
  • ModDemix from Make noise (used as VCA + Ring modulation)
  • Shuby from Patching panda, for FX and atmos (DIY module)
  • LP filter Touellskouarn (DIY module)

All sounds were designed and processed with my modular synth. The DAW was used only to record them.

Nowadays, the science recognized that the body is made from 70% of water. This water reacts on vibration of sounds. If you are active producer, dancer or listener of music, you can consciously feel these awesome impulses. You can, with the sounds, help to rise the vibration of the listeners. You can bring them in amazing magical dimensions.

Twisted Kala use this kind of sounds (samples) to write her music. She participates with her sound design to rise the vibration of the listeners. Her music brings them to special dimensions, where they can catch some new understandings, realizations and point of view of the reality. With larger point of view of the reality, the life is more fun and magical.

Twisted Kala music production modular synthesizer

Karine Petiau aka Twisted Kala aka KalaJi

(Twisted Kala music / Darknox Rec / Lycantrop Rec)

Karine Kala is psychedelic producer from France. She is running two projects: “Twisted Kala project” is 15 years on the psytrance scene, which is well known in many countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and America. Second, the newest project called “Kalaji”. This project deals with modular synthesizer – without computer. The modular synthesizer is really magical instrument for her.

Modular synthesizer samples

List of samples

  • Appear
  • Athmo scream delay
  • bells in space
  • Big sweep reverb
  • breath Reverb walk 150 bpm
  • Crash 1
  • Crash 2 (long delay)
  • Crash 3 (FX)
  • Crash 4
  • Crash 5 (Reverb)
  • Crash 6 (Reverb)
  • Confused spacy walk
  • Crawdy fade out
  • crazy frogs
  • crosig spirals
  • Dark drone pan
  • Dark fad in delay
  • dark jump long delay
  • dark space laugh 150 bpm
  • dark underground long fade in
  • Deseapear
  • Double In
  • Double jump 150 Bpm
  • Down FX
  • down the stairs
  • Drone appear
  • Drone down
  • Drone fade out
  • drone In
  • Drop down
  • elastic loop 150 bpm
  • electric feild
  • elastic sweep
  • ET Space voice reverb 150 Bpm
  • fade out drone resonance
  • Fade out gate 186 bpm
  • fade out
  • fast clean
  • Fast Spiral fade out
  • fast weird gate 186 Bpm
  • fast mystic chromatic stairs 150 bpm
  • Female Space voice reverb 150 Bpm
  • frog
  • Gated slow fade in
  • Gate chromatic jumps 150 bpm
  • Gate chromatic small jumps 150 bpm
  • Gate raw jumps 150 bpm
  • gated fad in delay 150 bpm
  • gated fad in ping pong delay 150 bpm
  • go go go
  • Ha ha ha
  • Heavy Reverb walk 150 bpm
  • High spiral
  • Chromatic multi jump 150 Bpm
  • Kick 1 – 150 Bpm
  • Kick 2 – 150 Bpm
  • Kick 3 – 150 Bpm
  • Kick 4 – 150 Bpm
  • Kick 5 – 150 Bpm
  • Kick 6 – 150 Bpm
  • Kick 7 – 150 Bpm
  • Kick game 1
  • Kick game 2
  • Kick game 3
  • Kick game 4
  • Knifes reverb 150 Bpm
  • laugh fade out
  • Lead 186 Bpm pan
  • Left or Right
  • Lion walk 150 bpm
  • Long and twisted
  • long evolutive drone
  • long jump
  • long rising and jump 150 bpm
  • Long Spiral fad in delay
  • Low and twisted
  • metallic frog
  • metallic jump
  • metallic multivoices frog 186 bpm
  • metallic slow rain reverb 2 150 Bpm
  • metallic slow rain reverb 150 Bpm
  • Mooving FX
  • mooving inside the earth 150 bpm
  • mystic chromatic stairs 150 bpm
  • multi frogs
  • Multivoices spiral fade out
  • night being walk
  • night storm
  • One shot Jump
  • One shot
  • Psyche laugh
  • Raw In Out
  • repeat space laugh 150 bpm
  • resonnance Gate chromatic jumps 150 bpm
  • Reverb walk 150 bpm
  • rolling long fad in reverb 150 bpm
  • scary chromatic walk 150 bpm
  • scary drone
  • scary mooving sweep
  • scary walk 150 bpm
  • Short dark drone
  • Slow down hight frequencies
  • Slow left right down
  • slow pan multivoices
  • slow twisted fad in
  • Slow Up
  • Small Hit Hat 1 – 150 Bpm
  • Small Hit Hat 2 – 150 Bpm
  • Small Hit Hat LFO 1 – 150 Bpm
  • Small Hit Hat LFO 2 – 150 Bpm
  • Small Hit Hat LFO 3 – 150 Bpm
  • Small Hit Hat LFO 4 – 150 Bpm
  • Small Hit Hat LFO 5 – 150 Bpm
  • Small Hit Hat LFO 6 – 150 Bpm
  • Snake
  • Snare 1 – 150 Bpm
  • Snare 2 – 150 Bpm
  • Snare 3 – 150 Bpm
  • Snare 4 – 150 Bpm
  • Snare 5 – 150 Bpm
  • Snare 6 – 150 Bpm
  • space laugh
  • space monsters reverb
  • Space ritual reverb 150 Bpm
  • Space voice reverb 150 Bpm
  • Space wind reverb
  • Spacy down
  • Spacy multivoices
  • spacy saw reverb 150 bpm
  • Spacy spiral
  • Spiral fade out
  • Spiral long fade out
  • Spiral
  • storm
  • trange metallic walk 186 Bpm
  • Twisted Drop down
  • twisted fad in
  • Twisted fad in delay
  • Twisted Gate chromatic jumps 150 bpm
  • twisted long down
  • Twisted Shot
  • twisted spiral 150 bpm
  • video game
  • volcano
  • Voltage fade out
  • walk in my head 150 bpm
  • Walk the stairs 186 Bpm
  • weird drop
  • weird gate 186 Bpm
  • weird high down
  • Weird long delay reverb 150 Bpm
  • weird play 150 Bpm

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