Spherum FX Re-Synthesizer (VSTi for Win)

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Plug-in synthesizer for Windows / VSTi , x32 bit


Eplex7 DSP Spherum FX Re-Synthesizer VSTi plug-in

Spherum FX is new concept of sound synthesis / design. It is generating sound by using special waveforms that can be additionally re-synthesized and modulated to create brand new sounds, frequencies and variations. Spherum FX re-synthesizer VSTi plug-in video preview:


This instrument is designed mainly for creating FX sounds, special sound effects, noises, alien explosions, lasers, plasmatic morphing, sci-fi gunshots, electrical and atmospheric discharges and more. Main goal of development of Spherum FX was to create tool that is very easy to use, intuitive, and always produce good sounding results without endless fine-tuning of knobs/parameters while offering unique / futuristic sound never heard before.

Spherum FX is tool for every dance music producer, film music and video games music producer and sound designers. Instrument is especially useful for following music styles: Psytrance / Goa trance / HiTech trance / Electro house / Dance / Futuristic Drum and Bass / Experimental / Sci-fi film music, Music for video games.



Re-synthesizer / Re-synth algorithm for OSC1 & OSC2:

Resynthesizer algorithm with following controls:

Resonance rate
Original/Resynthesized sound mixer

Types of Re-synthesis algorithms:

Digital chaos

2X LFO sinus modulation of OSC 1 & OSC 2 waveform:

with very slow to very fast LFO speed control and high range LFO depth control
+ on/off knob

Filer unit with various hardware DSP synth based filters, analog filters and combinations.

HW DSP LowPass,
HW DSP BandPass,
HW DSP HighPass,
Low pass,
Band pass,
High pass,
Analog Low pass,
Analog LP+HP

+ Standard Cutoff and Resonance (Q) controls

Free-running LFO for filter modulation
with speed and depth control in high range

LFO shapes:

– Sine
– Saw
– Triangle
– Square
– Random Noise

Filter envelope

with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and Env. amount control

Amp envelope

with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release control

Stereo panning Delay FX

with Delay, Feedback, Dry/Wet control
+ on/off knob

Modulation FX

with Frequency, Depth, Pre-Delay, Feedback, Dry/Wet control
+ on/off knob

Preset manager

with X professionally designed presets for Sci-fi movies music, Games music, FXs for dance music, psytrance /
hi-tech trance / dark psytrance music etc.

Possibility to load new ” *.e7w” waveform files to expand sound possibilities of Spherum re-synthesizer.

Regular customers will be receiving additional e7w waveform banks via e-mail!


TRY DEMO VERSION of Spherum FX Re-synthesizer VSTi plug-in:

(CLICK HERE) to download VSTi and EXE Stand-alone FREE DEMO of Spherum FX.



BASSBLASTER + Spherum FX synth (Special FX sounds/Textures)

45 FREE FX / Darkpsy / Hitech BONUS PRESETS

You get these 45 Bonus presets + 50 new Waveforms after purchase!



Psytrance artist - Twisted Kala aka Kalaji testimonial

Karine Petiau aka Twisted Kala aka KalaJi

(Lycantrop Rec / Darknox Rec /Akashik Rec / Dark Rec, Psytrance artist, France)

It took me a lot of years to find out how to write scary or dimensional effect sounds, and it’s really nice today to find VSTs does this work for you and permit the producer to write really fast really special music.
For many years in my psychedelic music production life, I was listening some FX or atmospheres done by other artists and was trying to give a similar effect to my music with difficulties….. At that time it was few VSTs dedicated for psychedelic music production.
Today Eplex7 offers with Spherum a fast and unique way to write really special FX and Atmo sounds.The big advantage is that then the producer can change the sound at his tests and wishes and can create an amazing exclusif sound based on some really special frequencies, algorithms, spacy feelings….
I got really happy when I discovered Spherum Eplex7 DSP VST. I totally recommend you, psychedelic producers, to go test the Eplex7 DSP VSTs too!


Videos from independent producers

Psytrance producer Twisted Kala is playing with Spherum FX synth in her new track.



Here is what you get if you purchase FULL VERSION:

+3000 Plus GOOD KARMA Points (instead of -6000 minus Karma points if use pirated software 🙂
– Lifetime updates!
– Access to additional bonus files and next presets automatically by e-mail when released
– Possibility to LOAD NEW waveforms!
– We will send you download link to next 50 waveforms that you can import/load into Spherum FX
after purchase (much wider sound possibilities)
– You will receive next e-mail download links for next waveforms, when released. (Life-time)
– Full version without any restrictions, with special wishes and registered to your name
– Complete Midi CC List


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.DLL (VST plug-in)


Windows 32bit VST host (Cubase, FL studio and others)

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