BassBlaster futuristic bass plugin effect (VST for Win)

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Virtual Studio Technology VST version for Windows

Click here to download demo version of Bassblaster
Plug-in effect for Windows / VSTi , x32 bit (x64 bit update will be released soon)

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Eplex7 DSP BassBlaster futuristic bass plugin effect / Bass synth generator

How to describe this bass plugin effect? It is difficult, since it is something truly unique, alien and futuristic…

Imagine that every incoming audio becomes modulator for re-synthesized futuristic bass engine inside this plugin.

For example if you apply this effect on drum beat, effect’s engine inside will generate morphoderic alien style bass sound. You have available 2 bass generators inside, you can choose various bass generator waveforms. You can also modulate basslines inside with incoming audio with attack / release controls, and finish perfect bass sound with two parallel filters – distortion and dry / wet knob.


Bassblaster + Spherum FX synths – special FX sounds and textures

But do not imagine some stupid primitive basic saw / square bassline! No!

This bassline is mechanic, dark, full, complex and futuristic like alien visions and sounds in head of Mr Beksinski.

The additional function is pitch distortion of bass generator 1 and 2.

How it Works?

Imagine that nice time when you were 6 years old stupid roughneck who probably tried his first cigarettes as well as wanted to have first electric guitar, but your fat mamma didn’t wanted to buy you one, because she spent all money for beers and hamburgers.
You were frustrated. So you take the rubber string and started to play it with your fingers and you imagining you are playing electric guitar.

Do you remember it?

If so, then pitch distortion do the same as you were playing with your finger on rubber string. It modulates pitch / frequency of bass generator based on input signal the same way.

BassBlaster is great plug-in for modern drum and bass / neurofunk, dubstep, dark psy, film / videogame music or any industrial / experimental and progressive music.

So what more…? if you don’t want to produce next retrogressive basic music, simply don’t be lazy and check video or try demo version of Bassblaster.

How to use it?


– put it on any drum track
– recreate your neurounk basslines with it, use it as effect on basic reese bassline to convert it into complex electromechanoid madness
– use it to manipulate sound of any FX sounds coming from synthesizer or sampler, simply insert it on mixer track of FX instrument.


– Internal modulator engine, modulating inner bassline generators with attack and release knob
– TWO Bassline generators, with following waveforms:
 (Morphing, Engine Jet, Robotic vocoder, Heavy dog, Digital monstah Armagedon, Monster, Transmission, Mars, Digital core)
– Every bassline generator has Pitch distortion knob and Frequency knob
– Cross selector knob between Bass1 / Bass2 generator
– Two paralel filters (Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject,Peaking)
– Distortion effect
– Dry/Wet knob and output volume knob
– Preset manager


The usage of BassBlaster in drum and bass, dubstep or experimental music

Watch the video to the end and you learn more about special experimental and more creative use.

BassBlaster usage in electro house


Click here to download demo version of Bassblaster

Download VST and EXE Stand-alone Free demo of BassBlaster bass plugin effect.


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