Psychedelic space soup – magic plugin effect (VST for Win)

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Formats: Windows VST, VST3, 32-bit, 64-bit

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Eplex7 DSP Psychedelic space soup – magic experimental plugin effect VST



Have you ever tasted psychedelic space soup?

Its taste is different, a taste you have never tried before. After the first teaspoon of this soup the world is different, everything is vivid, colorful, glowing, rainbow and liquid. You can hear the colors and see sounds. You enjoy every simple thing and everything is new and magical. Things that were grey and boring before are extremely interesting and colorful. Sounds are flying around you, you can touch them, you hear many spirals, aliens, fairies, echoes, sounds are reflected from walls, decomposed into molecules and reassembled. Some time after eating space soup you are back from magicland to mother earth. Everything is same like before again, but at the same time different forever. You never look at the world the same way, now you have new optics, endless joy and every new thing is magical and interesting.
There are many effects in the plug-in market. But we wanted to create something totally new with original sound which sounds like “psychedelic space soup”. Something that is progressive but very creative, playful, funny and easy to play at the same time. Something that brings a lot of joy, psychedelic atmosphere and magic results to your production.  
It is almost impossible to explain sound, algorithms and functions of Psychedelic space soup plug-in. It creates special spirals, modulations, magic 3D space, psychedelic reflections, new dimensions, resonances, fractals and so… 

Psychedelic space soup is progressive, psy-experimental effect, which works perfectly with any EFX sounds from film music to psytrance, hitech, fullon darkpsy, proggy or psycore, with beats from experimental to psychillout, ambient or psydub, with any synths, indie / psychedelic rock and dub guitars, voices, vocals, percussions from minimal, progressive, techno experimental, film music to modular synth beats. You can use this effect to transform basic FX synths and samples to something totally different, change simple synth to hybrid modular / analog sounding superspiral, change basic boring beat to psychedelic trip around universe. You can use it also with psytrance, minimal, techno or progressive percussions, claps, snares, blips, hihats. You can use it with pads, acid arps, fullon psy leads, risers.



from music producers

“… it’s a pleasure to play around – or stir around in the Psy soup :-D”

(A. Jan. M. – Eplex7 customer)



Click here to download 32-bit demo version of Psychedelic space soup
Click here to download 64-bit demo version of Psychedelic space soup


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