Eplex7 Player FREE plug-in instrument


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Free Player for MAC & Windows / VSTi / AU / Mac VST, x32 / x64bit

VSTi (x32 / x64bit) for Windows

Audio Unit & VST3 for Apple Mac OS X


Eplex7 DSP Player Free plug-in instrument

Eplex7 Player Free plug-in instrument allow you to load and play additional bonus instruments which can be downloaded free or purchased at www.eplex7.com

It is VST & AU Plug-in instrument for Windows & Apple MAC (Available in x32 / x64 VSTi, AUDIO UNIT & VST3 for MAC formats)

Thanks to our bonus instruments you can create your own unique collections of instruments. Eplex7 is going to release tents of instruments packages on regular basis so you can create your own ammunition / collection of sounds and instruments with signature sound of your music project.

These instruments are multi-octave which means they sound very good in wide range of tones usually from C3 to C7 and higher. Instruments can be modified with internal parameters (filters, lfo, etc.) layered and effected with external fx. Significant advantage of our multi-instruments is saving lot of CPU and RAM memory and saving your time so you can fully focus on creating melodies, arrangements, composition, mix/mastering.

We suggest to purchase credits to save up to 70% (you can buy various credits packages and use credits to download bonus instruments)


Installation instructions – How to use Bonus instruments in Eplex7 Player Free plug-in instrument:

01. Download / Buy additional & bonus instruments from www.eplex7.com

Buy CREDITS and save up to 70% (use them to download new instruments)

02. Copy instrument files to Eplex7 player inst. folder (See PDF with instructions attached in every bonus instrument ZIP package)

03. Restart plug-in and enjoy new high quality multi octave instrument banks


(CLICK HERE) to download Free Eplex7 Player: VSTi (x32 / x64bit) for Windows

(CLICK HERE) to download Free Eplex7 Player: Audio Unit & VST3 for Apple Mac OS X

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MAC & Windows / VSTi / AU / Mac VST, x32 / x64bit

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