How can I sign in to my account at your website?

You make the first sign in / registration while ordering the product. After adding the product to the cart you will show the option for creating account at our website.
To re-login, you can click “Eplex7” / “My account” (at the top right) and sign in.

Why your plug-ins don’t have design? Just, basic flat shapes.

Because sound is more important. We don’t focus on graphics and rather spend our time for research and developing
new DSP (audio) algorithms.

I didn’t received full version/download link immediately after purchase, what should I do?

Please note: We are sending (selected products – mainly vst & au instruments) full versions manually, registered to your name usually within 24 hours after purchase  (in special cases max 48hours after purchase). Often we sent it much sooner. This is because of big piracy in audiomarket – development of one plugin usually took 3-8 months of hard work and it is our full time job and main income, if product is pirated all our hard work is wasted! We chooses this protection method after our previous experience in audio software market. Thanks for understanding and supporting us and development of next software.

If you didn’t receive download link after more than 48 hours after purchase please send us e-mail: info (at) eplex7.com


I just started producing electronic music, how to run your software?

It is easy. Firstly you should have hosting DAW / Music application like FL STUDIO, CUBASE, ABLETON, LOGIC PRO, REAPER, ORION, DIGITAL PERFORMER or other…

Then you should copy VST.dll or AUDIO UNIT Package (full version or demo) to VST folder of your application
usually looks like c:/program files/Steinber/Cubase/VST  or similar depending on your software. Next just activate
your product in music software and start the work. If you need more details please use youtube.com and search tutorial  “how to install VST effect (or instrument) in your music software” or “how to install audio unit in your music software”